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Exclusive U.K. stockist of Zeha-Berlin

Exclusive U.K. stockist of Zeha-Berlin

Exclusive U.K. stockist of Zeha-BerlinExclusive U.K. stockist of Zeha-BerlinExclusive U.K. stockist of Zeha-Berlin



Zeha-Berlin, the modern classic. Now available in the U.K. in my North London store or from my online shop.

The oldest sports shoe manufacturer in the world steps into the 21st Century with the Carl Hässner range of football boot and sports shoe inspired streetwear.


Carl Hässner Collection.

Each Carl Hässner shoe is mainly handmade from the finest Italian leather,  including full calfskin lining and insole. 

Beneath the heel, under the insole, a sorbathane pad has been added. This makes them unbelievably comfortable. The stitched rubber sole and heel are extra hard wearing and repairable. This is not a shoe designed or manufactured  with desposability in mind. It a shoe that keeps on giving. Look after them and they will look after you. 


History of the brand.



THE story is typical for Berlin, unconventional, influenced by the changing times and always with a vision; to make cool sneakers with the two double stripes. Zeha’s story started 120 years ago. Zeha is as much a part of the city’s history as the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the “made in the GDR “stamp and the Berlin of the wild 90’s with its night club culture.


1897- Where it started! Far away from Berlin, in Weida in Thueringen, Carl Haessner founded the Zeha Leather Manufacturers for men’s and ladie’s shoes. 

The golden twenties! In the dance on the volcano, coffee house culture and variety-nights of this decade, Zeha shoes were much loved by Berlin artists and big city bohemians alike.

The 1950’s: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The division of Germany and the establishment of the former GDR are changes which Carl Haessner has to compete with. Following his instinct, he decided to concentrate completely on sneakers and risk starting from scratch, and what an instinct!!

In 1954 he entered the Zeha sneaker with the double stripes as copywrite brand name. The actual birth of the ZEHA BERLIN sneaker.

The 1960’s: 17 Million people wear Zeha! They are THE sport shoes in the former GDR. In school sport, in the schoolyard, or as official supplier for the GDR athletes in 60 disciplines, everyone knows and wears Zeha.

The 1980’s: We can be heroes! The Berlin wall falls. The two halves of Berlin are reunited, economic chaos in the east. Zeha fails in its attempt to go private.

2002 East Berliner’s dream and a new start! 

Alexander Barre, who grew up in East Berlin rediscovers, by accident at a friend’s house, the familiar Zeha sport shoe of his youth. In the attic they find original Zeha shoes from the 50’s and 60’s, old shoe templates, leather samples and product catalogues. The dream of ZEHA BERLIN and the sport shoe revival is born.


2003: Zeha's first Streetwear collection!  on the market and is inspired by the running & sport shoes from the 60's and 70's. Extremely light shoes with perfect cushioning made completely out of leather.

For the Football WC 2006 in Germany, in honor of the founding father of Zeha we designed the Carl Hässner collection. This collection now includes the  Derby,

 boot, the Liga, Libero and Club shoes. Designs harking back to the 40's, 50's and 60's. 

Today each shoe is a unique connection to its forebears.